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Understanding Wind Load Calculation in Timber Framed Structures

Bracing is a crucial element in timber-framed structures, designed to withstand wind pressure and transfer lateral loads to the foundation. The effectiveness of bracing relies on factors like diaphragm depth, wind classification, and the structure's dimensions.

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Tasmanian Planning Scheme

A major evolution is underway in Tasmania's planning system - the transition to a unified Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) to replace the patchwork of interim schemes across the state's municipalities. This comprehensive overhaul aims to deliver consistency, clarity, and efficiency.

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Navigating the Building Approval Process

Bringing a building project to life requires careful planning and coordination to gain the necessary approvals. Whether constructing a new home, commercial space, or adding to an existing structure, most projects follow a similar development path from initial concept through council consent.

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Residential Building in Tasmania

Known for its natural beauty and architectural heritage, Tasmania presents unique considerations when undertaking a construction project. This guide provides key information on successfully navigating the process of building a residential or commercial structure in Tasmania, from concept to completion.

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The Building Design Process

Building design is an important process that requires careful planning and consideration to create functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing structures. The design process involves determining the building's layout, appearance, functionality, and compliance with regulations. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of key aspects of building design.

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